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About 트의지미

tweegeeme (트의지미) is a multiplatform Twitter, Mastodon, Tumblr and Bluesky bot written by Roger Allen and designed to evolve images by responding to favorites and retweets.

Each image is created by a mathematical formula that is evaluated to create the image. The formulas form the "genes" that can be mixed or mutated similar to how evolution works. The original inspiration for this came from Karl Sims's 1991 Siggraph paper.

To determine "fitness" a score is given to each image based on retweets and favorites. Retweets are worth three times favoriting. For reproduction, the last 200 tweets are considered. The top 5 images are the only ones allowed to produce offspring. Depending on the type of reproduction, one or two of the top 5 are randomly selected.

It seems that tweegeemee is one of the few Social Media Art bots using favorites & retweets as part of its creation algorithm. If you are aware of other bots doing this, please let tweegeemee know.

tweegeemee posts a set of two new images every hour. The suffix at the end of the image name tells you the generation-type: "a" & "b" are random; "C" & "D" are descended from two parents and "M" & "N" are mutants with only one parent.

Each tweet has a name based on the timestamp of creation and a link describing the details of the image, including the code used to create it.

Periodically, tweegeemee changes to use a new region to store data. Breeding of images only happens within that region, so this effectively creates "worlds" or "islands" of images that evolve independently of each other.

The code to create imagery is open source, hosted on github and is written in Clojure. It runs on a Digital Ocean Droplet and relies on the Clisk library for image creation.

I believe "트의지미" is just a nonsense word in Korean. My wife was studying Korean at the time I created this and I just liked the look of the Hangul characters for twee (트의) gee (지) mee (미).

Follow, favorite and retweet tweegeemee images to select them for future generations.